Secrets to Radiant Skin This Winter
As winter wraps its chilly embrace around us, our skin faces a new set of challenges. The cold air, harsh winds, and indoor heating systems can strip away moisture, leaving our skin feeling dry, tight, and undernourished.
The Holistic Benefits of Colour and Crystals in our Skincare
Our approach to skincare is holistic, rooted in a blend of ancient alchemy and modern science. Beyond biodynamic and organic botanicals that promote a beautiful complexion, we embrace the emotional and vibrational aspects of well-being through the fusion of colour and crystal quintessences.
AEOS Triumphs at the Janey Loves Platinum Awards
We are absolutely elated to announce that AEOS has achieved recognition at the esteemed Janey Loves Platinum Awards, an event that honours the best in natural, eco-friendly, and organic products. Our 'AEOS Cleansing Oil-de-Maq' was the winner in the Facial Cleansing category, while the 'AEOS Realive Serum' won in the Facial Serum category.
Transitioning Your Routine for Autumn's Embrace
As the golden hues of autumn start to paint the landscape, our skin confronts new challenges. From the importance of bolstered hydration to the protective power of gems, let's delve into the essentials of autumn skincare and ensure your complexion remains as radiant as the colourful trees.
The Alchemy of Pure Beauty - AEOS Skincare and the Magical Power of Crystals

The healing and vibrational powers of crystals have been admired for centuries. We tap into this power by using spagyric crystal quintessences, liquid gems, and crystals prepared using ancient alchemical techniques, in our products.

These ancient methods involve separating, purifying, and recombining materials. The result is a supercharged skincare product that delivers therapeutic effects for body, mind, and soul alike.

Unlocking Your Skin's Natural Potential: The AEOS Approach to Skincare

Your skin is a masterpiece of nature, composed of three intricately woven layers - the epidermis, dermis, and subdermis. 

Acting as your personal shield, the outermost epidermis tackles environmental stressors and locks in vital moisture. The dermis, in the middle, is your skin's architect, home to collagen and elastin that provide strength and elasticity. Finally, the subdermis, a layer of fat, cushions and protects the layers above.

Are You a Blue Beauty or Pink Beauty?
We know there’s more to a healthy complexion than just treating it to the highest quality skincare ingredients. Our emotions can affect our physical bodies and skin too – so our skin can reflect long-standing emotional states.
How to Get the Maximum Benefits from AEOS
AEOS brings us the opportunity to re-define and re-assess our approach to skincare through an innovative three phase system which amplifies and encapsulates the living energy of the natural ingredients it contains. To get the maximum benefits from AEOS we recommend the following tips.