Should you use one skin care brand or a mix?

Should you use one skin care brand or a mix?

It's not uncommon for bathroom shelves to be full of half used products, mixed and matched from a variety of brands.  After all, the temptation of that new scrub, serum or peel that promises to transform our complexion can be exactly that ... tempting, to say the least. And so it goes, each season a shiny new product grabs our attention and we begin to accumulate a very expensively curated and confusing skin care selection. But is this the best way to go, to enhance the health and beauty of our skin?

Adopting this approach is highly likely to be damaging our skin.  

A bit of ‘this’ product from one brand and a bit of ‘that’ from another could set us up for skin dilemmas, as we are combining ingredients that aren’t necessarily ideal when mixed together. Harsh ingredients, particularly acids and retinols, don’t always go well with one another.  And if we don’t know what ingredients we are combining it's highly likely that it can be irritating to the delicate balance of our skin. We may be stripping our skin dry, over-moisturising, experimenting with essential oils in far too high concentrations and all of this can result in skin becoming inflamed, irritated, and overly sensitive. We look in the mirror and wonder what we can do to improve the situation and the vicious cycle continues. 

There is a much better choice.  

Using a complete skincare range that is formulated to work synergistically with the natural physiology of our skin and with each other, is the fastest way to radiant skin – soft, smooth and nourished to the touch  When ingredients complement and build upon each other, as skincare ranges are created to do, there is little risk of adverse reactions and inflammations.  

Great care is taken to ensure that ingredients in each product do not interfere with each other, but rather, to work together through layering on top of one another.  And when ingredients work together, they support our skin with hydration and improve skin concerns.  

Keep it simple. 

Your skin will look, and feel, better when you choose a skin care sequence from the one brand.  

AEOS offers a complete skincare solution and – for best results – we recommend using our formulations for at least two months. Please avoid introducing other products outside of the AEOS range. This is because artificial or synthetic preservatives and irritating chemicals used in other products can interrupt and damage the fragile actives in our formulations.

We created our Starter Kit to give you an introduction to our complete skin care collection, so that you can personally experience the best combination of products for your morning and evening skin care rituals.