Our Philosophy

The promise

Our philosophy is simple: to achieve your most beautiful complexion yet, we must first care for the soil, feed the skin and nourish the soul – and we do this in the most pure and kind way, to benefit as many people as possible. Our award-winning formulations have nature’s powers to thank and are blended, purified and activated using cutting-edge technologies and innate expertise, resulting in a range of softening textures, soul-soothing colours and heavenly aromas. This approach to capturing potent yet fragile natural actives means radiance is revealed, weather-worn skin is quenched, a healthy glow is inevitable and natural ‘ageing’ becomes beautiful.

Natural preservatives

To ensure the actives in our formulations are free to work in natural synergy, any preservatives we use are 100% natural.

Sustainable methods

Ten years of development… a self-fulfilling balance of nature. We begin with the care of the earth through biodynamic farming on our own lands. Powerful extracts and essential oils of herbs and plants are cultivated to bring new life and vitality to the soil in which they grow, which in turn nourishes and strengthens our plants’ immune systems, before further energising with resonances of crystals and minerals once harvested.

Discover more on our biodynamic farming methods and biodynamic ingredients.

From planting as many trees as possible (we recently planted an additional 15,000 trees on our farm in England) and reducing packaging, to leading the way with off-the-grid solar power, sustainability is paramount to the AEOS way of life.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

We believe in keeping our formulations as ‘pure’ as possible. For us this means all ingredients must be unprocessed and have no derivatives from animals. All our formulations are created using vegan ingredients. Our products are never tested on animals, nor do we choose any raw materials or ingredients that are tested on animals.

NATRUE Certification

AEOS is proudly certified by NATRUE - The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association. The NATRUE Label represents a reliable, verifiable and internationally applicable benchmark for authentic natural and organic beauty products.