Our Story

From Soil to Soul

Ever wondered what the results could be if you went beyond organic skincare? If capturing nature’s living powers right at their life-force and combining them with ground-breaking technical expertise, could actually be the answer to your most beautiful skin yet? These are the questions that Vicky Wall - founder and innovator of Aura-Soma® - and her esteemed collaborator Mike Booth were intuitively inspired to answer over 30 years ago. After Vicky's passing in 1991, Mike continued their work to honour Vicky's vision. And the result is AEOS – born in 2010 – the next generation in advanced biodynamic skincare.

Radiant skin – as if lit from within – soft, smooth and nourished to the touch. Your skin – the best it can be. Your wellbeing – enriched. No arsenal of products. No chemicals or synthetics. Just nature at its most powerful, reminding your skin what it once knew.

But how? Picture a haven of nature at its most vibrant. 500 acres of it. Where the purest herbs and plants known to man are carefully cultivated, where the earth is deeply nourished and wildlife and natural flow is abuzz with pure elation. Where every living ingredient is nurtured and evaluated energetically to ensure optimum efficacy of its high-performance nutrients and potent actives. A thriving sanctuary called Shire Farm. Add to this our own well that draws natural artesian water to be purified and energised with cutting-edge crystal technologies for ultimate skin absorption. A team of pioneering pharmacists, experts in ancient alchemy and skincare specialists that share the knowledge that beauty goes beyond skin deep – and that wellbeing can be enriched through what we put on our skin. That there’s a better way, a kinder way and a purer way to achieve unparalleled skincare results. From soil, to skin, to soul.

Hailed by the beauty press as a truly ground-breaking natural skincare solution that doesn’t compromise on results, a mounting collection of beauty industry awards, plus an ever-growing loyal following across Australia, Japan and Europe – AEOS is visibly transforming the way people’s skin looks and lives – women and men of all ages and skin types, wherever and whoever they are.

AEOS energised organics: your journey to naturally beautiful skin starts here.