About Us


To feed the skin, amplify product performance and ensure outstanding results, the ingredients in our products are ‘alive’ – we call this ‘active’. From plant extracts and essential oils to enzymes and vitamins, all our ingredients are sourced from soil that’s been deeply nourished and activated through organic or advanced biodynamic farming methods.


Using a unique and sophisticated energising process, we’re able to enhance each living element used in our products. Intuitively, our ingredients will only activate for the ‘greater good’ of your skin and wellbeing, delivering their powers synergistically. Further to this, our products include spagyric quintessences of crystals and gems that are prepared over a 12 month period to transform the solid crystal to a liquid tincture, that is assimilable by the body.


To ensure the purest and most powerful formulas, we grow as many ingredients as we can at our Demeter-certified biodynamic Shire Farm. Any other ingredients are sourced globally from organic and biodynamic farms that cultivate in-line with our principles. We know that plants grown in this way are more resilient and potent, have more vitality and therefore a profoundly positive effect on the raw materials extracted from them. By creating our skincare preparations in this way we observe our philosophy too – care for the soil, feed the skin, nourish the soul.


To re-generate, nourish and feed the skin at such an advanced active level, our three step ritual delivers a new cutting-edge concept in organic/ biodynamic skincare. Our spagyric crystal and gem tinctures, waveforms of colour, ingredient cultivation and water purification, take results to a new level – allowing skin to be the best it can be with formulas that have a direct effect on wellbeing. All our products are naturally cruelty-free and are therefore never tested on animals. Find out more about our sustainable practices and biodegradable ingredients.