The Holistic Benefits of Colour and Crystals in our Skincare

The Holistic Benefits of Colour and Crystals in our Skincare

Our approach to skincare is holistic, rooted in a blend of ancient alchemy and modern science. Beyond biodynamic and organic botanicals that promote a beautiful complexion, we embrace the emotional and vibrational aspects of well-being through the fusion of colour and crystal quintessences.

The Alchemy Behind Spagyric Crystal Quintessences

We adhere to the time-honoured alchemical principles, practiced by Paracelsus - a pioneer in the history of spagyric medicine - to create our spagyric crystal quintessences. Unlike ordinary crystal extracts, spagyric quintessences undergo a meticulous, alchemical process that can take up to 12 months, capturing the potent properties of each crystal. These quintessences enrich our skincare range, offering multidimensional benefits for your skin, emotions, and soul.

More Than Just Geological Formations: The Essence of Crystals

Crystals contain a living memory of the ages, a consciousness that enables them to be both receivers and transmitters of information which can be a catalyst for knowledge and awareness within us. The cleansing, healing and vibrational powers of crystals and gems have long been revered. It’s their natural colours and vibratory resonance that transmit a unique depth of potency potential, one that is harnessed over the many years it takes to form the stone, sometimes hundreds of thousands of years.

The Emotional Palette: The Role of Colours in Skincare

Your skin is a mirror of your emotional landscape. To enhance both, we utilise plant-derived, natural colours in our formulations. We offer formulations in Pink, Blue, and Yellow, each designed to support and nurture your emotional well-being. After all, our emotions can affect our skin, whether that be the stress and worry, sadness or self-judgment that we 'wear' on our face. AEOS products are formulated with specific botanicals and crystals within the colour spectrum to help transform those emotional states to calmness, joy and self-love, which is clearly visible in our facial expressions. Radiant skin, as if lit from the emotions within. 

Serenity in Hues of Blue

If you gravitate towards calming hues of blue, it signals an intuitive quest for inner peace.

Our blue range is infused with chamomile and spagyric quintessences of blue sapphire, blue chalcedony, amethyst and turquoise, to name a few. These elements work synergistically to help soothe stress from your skin.

Nourishing Shades of Pink

If you find yourself attracted to the comforting shades of pink, it reflects your desire for kindness, caring and love for yourself.

Our pink range is infused with rose and spagyric quintessences of rose quartz, fire opal and rubellite, to name a few. These elements support your heart chakra, bringing about a rosy radiant complexion.

Joyful Tones of Yellow

When the bright, cheerful tones of yellow appeal to you, you’re intuitively asking for more joy, happiness and self-confidence in your life.

Our yellow range is infused with calendula and spagyric quintessences of calcite and zincite, to name a few. These elements capture the uplifting qualities of sunshine in a bottle, having a balancing effect on the body, mind and soul.

Elevating Holistic Well-Being Through Emotional Resonance 

Choosing skin care products aligned with your emotional needs can deliver nurturing at a far deeper level than choosing them based on our skincare needs alone. Our complexion - the best it can be. Our well-being - enriched. Radiant skin - illuminated from emotions within - soft, smooth and nourished to the touch.