Fragrance Pot - Alchemy

The Alchemy Fragrance Pot may helps us to free ourselves from deeply instilled habits and negative thoughts, assisting in the process of understanding what lies behind dis-ease - it is often in the patterns of the past.

Fragrance Pot - Awakening

A protection of our spiritual being to give us a greater sense of independence. To offer the insight necessary for inter-dependence, and to help us with cooperation. The Awakening Fragrance Pot may help to bring a deep sense of joy, caring for our self in a new way.

Fragrance Pot - Beauty

Creative expression of love and beauty. Awakening to the beauty in all things. The Beauty Fragrance Pot may be of inspiration for our creative skills, our dreams and visions.

Fragrance Pot - Clarity

The Clarity Fragrance Pot may help to open us to the powers of our imagination and intuition. It may help us to find detachment from overpowering emotions so that we do not feel overwhelmed by them. May be helpful with chanting and mantras, enhancing sensitivity and appreciation of music and sound.

Fragrance Pot - Communication

The Communication Fragrance Pot may help to deepen a sense of calm and personal peace so that we may become clearer and more relaxed. When we expend less energy in our own pre-occupations we have more energy available to do what we need to do.

Fragrance Pot - Consciousness

The Consciousness Fragrance Pot may be of help in focusing our efforts in the right direction, planting our feet firmly on the ground, re-energising us and offering protection along our life path. Regardless of whether our life path is mundane, humble, dramatic or sensational, it may help in gifting the realisation of our connection with a higher source.

Fragrance Pot - Creativity

Helping us to creatively communicate what we are feeling. The Creativity Fragrance Pot may be helpful for communication, particularly for those who are involved in teaching, performing or public speaking. It helps to encourage playfulness and a sense of joy in all that we do.

Fragrance Pot - Devangelicommunication

Pale Yellow points towards enlightenment and self-knowledge. The Devangelicommunication Fragrance Pot may help to invoke positive energies for the future, enhancing sympathetic or empathic relationships at all levels and helping to find and understand our place between Heaven and Earth.

Fragrance Pot - Direction

The Direction Fragrance Pot may help us to pursue our path, providing access to truth and inner wisdom. It may also help to guide us into a new direction and a new space to step into the present anew.

Fragrance Pot - Earthing

Grounding and energising, the Earthing Fragrance Pot may be helpful for feeling grounded after meditation or any therapy session. Also useful for any situation where our energy is depleted.

Fragrance Pot - Gentleness

For Universal Unconditional Love, the warmth and caring that makes everything possible in our life. Emotionally, pink brings love, both for ourselves and for those around us. The Gentleness Fragrance Pot may be supportive at times when you feel vulnerable, helping us to care for ourselves, bringing about a deep sense of relaxation. May be helpful when used on specific energy points that need stimulation.

Fragrance Pot - Grace

Combining the red and violet energies, the Grace Fragrance Pot may be both energising and soothing at the same time. For those times when we have given all our energy to others and now need to receive caring for ourselves. For living in the present. For helping us to do the little things in life with higher attention and care.

Fragrance Pot - Grounding

A softer effect than the Earthing, the Grounding Fragrance Pot may help us to feel more present in our daily circumstances; warming and revitalising for everyday energetic protection and a grounding of place and purpose. May gently stimulate vitality and help to bring about a sense of calm.

Fragrance Pot - Hope

Olive relates to bringing the wisdom into our heart and to help us find our own way. The Hope Fragrance Pot may help to stimulate feminine compassion and intuition; and may help assist in the letting go of the past, bringing about sweetness of spirit.

Fragrance Pot - Innocence

The Innocence Fragrance Pot may bring in a special awareness of the Divine Life through our every day life. The Mother and Father principle at the highest levels. Balancing male/female polarities.

Fragrance Pot - Insight

May help us to bring new awareness as we deal with unexpected and challenging life circumstances. May help to restore balance to the aura when we feel "beside ourselves". The Insight Fragrance Pot helps us to let go and accept all that is going on around us. It is related to the second chakra and may have a soothing and calming effect on this area.

Fragrance Pot - Journeying

Teaching through the whisperings of the heart, the connection of the inner teacher. The Journeying Fragrance Pot may be of particular help if we are working with crystals, helping to create a communication link between our Mind and our Spirit.

Fragrance Pot - Joyful

Yellow brings the joyful sparkling energy of sunshine in - an antidote to feeling 'the blues'. The Yellow Fragrance Pot may be useful in spaces where there is a lack of sunlight, to help brighten the atmosphere around us, helping to bring the joy back in to life.

Fragrance Pot - Light

The Light Fragrance Pot may help to bring clarity of vision - seeing things in a new and fresh way, giving a depth of understanding into conflict, pain and suffering on any level. It may also be good for helping to let go, overcoming the past and cleansing on any level.

Fragrance Pot - Love

The Love Fragrance Pot may help to improve our capacity to relate, diminishing aggression around ourselves, whilst also bringing the possibility to help balance our male/female aspects. A colour of deep love.

Fragrance Pot - Mercy

Love and compassion without judgement; especially if we are hard on ourselves, or over critical, work too hard or readily judge others. Being merciful with ourselves is true compassion. The Mercy Fragrance Pot may be beneficial where discriminative wisdom is needed and the balancing of all considerations is necessary.

Fragrance Pot - Peace

The Peace Fragrance Pot may help to bring a strengthening of the Will, assisting us to align with our purpose and trust in relation to our unfolding life. Trusting the inner source and getting in touch with our own authority. It may help to stimulate a feeling of being at peace.

Fragrance Pot - Rainbow

As well as being used with the aura, the Rainbow Fragrance Pot may also be used to help purify, cleanse and may realign the whole chakra system, making the space for new beginnings. To bring a new light into being. Can be used to bring light to any reflex point.

Fragrance Pot - Receptivity

The Receptivity Fragrance Pot may help us on all levels to bring about a transformation in relation to receptivity and unfoldment of the creative feminine intuition within each of us.

Fragrance Pot - Space

Emerald relates to finding the space we need for ourselves, connecting with our truth and finding our own way. The Space Fragrance Pot may help to free us from old ideas and open us up to new directions and new decisions. It might also help to calm, centre and support our "heart truths".

Fragrance Pot - Transformation

The Transformation Fragrance Pot may assist in meditation and transformative processes. It may help to bring about a sense of calm and connection with spirit, which may enable us to connect with our mission and our purpose, revealing our gifts.

Fragrance Pot - Travel

May help to tune into the synchronicity of right-time-and-place and support the beginnings and endings of projects. The Travel Fragrance Pot may also help to rebalance us during inner and outer journeys of all kinds, helping to keep all the subtle bodies together particularly when flying over time zones.

Fragrance Pot - Transmutation

The Transmutation Fragrance Pot may help to transform our negative feelings into a more positive, supportive and spiritual energy. For caregivers, it may help them to detach and step outside of themselves, allowing the energies simply to come through.

Fragrance Pot - Truth

The Truth Fragrance Pot may help us to use our intellect whilst being in harmony with our intuitions; following our heart and balancing our mind - useful when we need a grounded point of view. If we seek objective truth, knowledge or a 'fresh start' this is the Fragrance Pot to use.

Fragrance Pot - Wisdom

Finding abundance within ourselves using our wisdom to its full potential. Gold also relates to the solar plexus, where we experience tensions. Using the Wisdom Fragrance Pot may enable us to relax a little more bringing a deep level of nourishment, self-acceptance and joy. May help us to get in touch with our innate wisdom.